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  • Implementation of a Major Hazard Control System

    General 12.1.1. The competent authorities should establish by policy, regulation or legislation a time schedule for the implementation of the various elements of a major hazard control system. 12.1.2. The speed of implementation of a major hazard control system should depend on: resources available locally and nationally for the different components of the control system; [&hellip...
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  • Reporting to Competent Authorities

    General 11.1.1. A major hazard control system should include the principal requirement for works managements to report in writing to the competent authorities within a specified time period. The requirement should include: notifying the existence of, or proposal for, a major hazard installation; reporting about the hazards of the major hazard installation and their control [&hellip...
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  • Siting and Land-use Planning

    Competent authorities should establish arrangements to ensure that new major hazard installations are appropriately separated from people living or working nearby. These arrangements should take full account of both the relative likelihood of a major accident and its consequences, allowing for any special local factor. Additionally, they should seek to ensure that these arrangements prevent [&hellip...
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  • Information to the Public Concerning Major Hazard Installations

    General information 9.1.1. Competent authorities should make arrangements to provide information to the public living or working near a major hazard installation. These arrangements should require that works management make available such information in co-operation with the local authority for all existing installations, and for new installations before they start to operate. 9.1.2. This information [&hellip...
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  • Emergency Planning

    General 8.1.1. Emergency planning should be regarded by competent authorities, local authorities and works managements as an essential element of any major hazard control system. 8.1.2. Emergency plans for major hazard installations should cover the handling of emergencies both on site and off site. 8.1.3. Works managements should ensure that the necessary standards appropriate to [&hellip...
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  • Safe Operation of Major Hazard Installations

    General 7.1.1. The safe operation of a major hazard installation should be the responsibility of works management. 7.1.2. Works management should ensure that the major hazard installation is always operated within the limits of intended design. 7.1.3. Works management should take account of all hazards identified in the hazard analysis together with possible technical and [&hellip...
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  • Control of the causes of Major Industrial Accidents

    General 6.1.1. The primary responsibility for the control of the causes of major industrial accidents should lie with works management. 6.1.2. A hazard analysis should lead to the identification of a number of potential hardware and software failures and human errors in and around the installation, which need to be controlled by works management. 6.1.3. [&hellip...
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  • Analysis of Hazards and Risks

    General 5.1.1. Hazard analysis should be carried out primarily be works management, but the same technique may also be applied to the evaluation of safety systems by the competent authorities. 5.1.2. To analyse the safety of a major hazard installation as well as its potential hazards, a hazard analysis should be carried out covering the [&hellip...
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  • Prerequisites for a Major Hazard Control System

    General 4.1.1. The prerequisites for the operation of a major hazard control system are: manpower, within industry as well as within the competent authorities, including external expertise if necessary; equipment; information sources. Manpower requirements General Works management should ensure that it has an adequate number of workers available with sufficient expertise before operating a [&hellip...
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  • General Duties

    Duties of competent authorities General Competent authorities should define appropriate safety objectives, together with a major hazard control system for their implementation. Although the control of major hazards is primarily the responsibility of the works management operating a major hazard installation, this major hazard control system should be set up by the competent [&hellip...
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