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    An underwriting of the interruption risk peculiar to consequential loss insurance is important. the insurance wish to ascertain the full extent of possible interruption to the business in order to give the best possible service to the insured and at the same time to ensure that their own interests are protected. the extent to which [&hellip...
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  • Fraud, Abuse and Leakages – Food for Thought

    Fraud is described as an intentional act of deceiving, concealing, or misrepresenting information that results in payment of unauthorized benefits to an individual or group who are otherwise not entitled. Like any other industry, Insurance is also prone to the risk of fraud and Insurance fraud cost millions of dollars annually. Insurance, being a service [&hellip...
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  • Getting the Sum Insured Right!

    Abstract The increasing number of catastrophes world over and quite a few devastating fire accidents witnessed in India, have thrown open the need for the adequacy of the sum insured, both under material damage and business interruption. A key component of the financial management of any corporate, would be to ensure that the assets are [&hellip...
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