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  • Some Examples of Devices to combat Physical Damages, Condensation Damages and Cargo Theft

    “Ryan Recorder” The Ryan Recorder is enclosed in the confinement of the container or trailer and will record on a chart the temperature exposures of the cargo during the entire transit period. “Tip and Tell” or “Tilt Watch” The Tip and Tell, or Tilt watch is affixed both to the cargo as well as external [&hellip...
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  • Are the Shipping Documents Properly Prepared?

    When surveyors are handling cargo losses, it is often found that shipping documents are improperly prepared, which can result in underwriters not being able to settle the claim under the terms and conditions of the policy of insurance, or underwriters not being able to properly subrogate of the policy of insurance, or underwriters not being [&hellip...
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  • Cargo Loss Control

    Before going into details as to how to take measures to prevent or reduce various damages and losses sustained to cargo while same is in transit by air, ocean,barge,rail,truck or while in storage, we should first of all, look into the various type of damages and losses generally experienced to cargo. There are, of course, [&hellip...
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  • Market Evaluation of Commercial Ships

    Unlike automobiles with the “Kelly Blue Book” and to some extent pleasure yachts, which use the “powerboat Guide” commercial ships do not have a generally recognized common value reference source. The reason for that is the commercial ships have to be evaluated on a variety to different levels to ascertain a real market value. There [&hellip...
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