Insurance Law

The business of insurance, as carried on by English insurers, is not confined exclusively to England and Wales, but extends to countries which are outside the jurisdiction of the English Courts. On the other hand, insurers who are not English are entitled to carry on insurance business in England, provided that they comply with the […]

Every stage in the contract of insurance, from the inception of the negotiations to the receipt of the payment of the loss, involves to a greater or lesser degree the employment of agents. On the part of the insurers, agents are universally employed; insurance companies must necessarily act through agents,whilst underwriters are usually associated in […]

The assignment of the policy contained in the policy, being a purely personal one, does not run with the subject-matter of insurance in the same way as certain contracts are said to run with the land. An assignment of the subject-matter, therefore, does not of itself operate as an assignment of the policy so as […]

The assured is not prohibited by law from effecting as many policies as he pleases on the same subject-matter and against the same risk, and the existence of several policies at the same time does not affect the validity of the individual insurances, though his rights under any particular policy may, in the event of […]

The risk that the event insured against will or will not happen necessarily depends on the subject-matter of insurance and its attendant circumstances, and the insurers, in accepting the insurance, are guided by the state of the subject-matter and the circumstances existing at the date of the policy. The description inserted in the policy of […]