Miscellaneous Insurance & Survey

The concept of reinsurance is the logical extension of the concept of insurance . Reinsurance serves to underwrite the risk liability of an insurer more or less in the same way as insurance to indemnify the insured with respect to his interest. the basic underlying principle is one of spreading the risk as far and […]

Burglary insurance is a major class of miscellaneous insurance. the policy covers contents against loss or damage by burglary and is available to commercial establishments, factories, god owns, shops etc. EXCLUSIONS A. This Policy does not cover the following unless specially mentioned in the Schedule and expressly insured by the Policy:- 1) The amount of […]

Scope of Cover: Forgery or fabrication of securities, transfers or transfer receipts which may affect the registration or transfer of securities. Discovery that the securities which have been dealt with by the insured in good faith are forged. Discovery that the insured has been deceived as to the identity of any person for the purpose […]

This insurance has been brought under a tariff regulation with effect with effect from 1.1.1977. The revised tariff became effective from 1st June, 1985. The policy provides compensation in the event of the insured sustaining injuries, fatal or otherwise, resulting solely and directly from accident caused by external, violent and visible means. Scope of Cover: […]

This special type of Policy has been introduced catering to the medical need of personnel travelling abroad, premium for which is paid in Indian Rupees. However, claims are settled abroad in foreign currency in respect of any emergency treatment. This policy is not general health insurance policy. Mercury Insurance Pvt. Ltd. London is the authorised […]

Policy is designed to provide reimbursement of medical expenses incurred within geographical limits of India by the insured person in event of being hospitalised on account of any illness/disease or any injury sustained. Short period policies are prohibited. Scope of Cover: Reimbursement of incurred medical expenses, within defined limits, in event of any illness/disease or […]

This class of insurance is governed by Tariff regulations as such, Rates, as well as rules and regulations must be observed as per Tariff. The Policy seeks to indemnify the Insured employer against his liability under : W.C. Act, Fatal Accident Act 1855 and at Common Law. If any employee in his immediate service shall […]

Any professional acting professional capacity is bound to exercise due care & skill required by a competent practitioner in that profession. His failure to exercise due care may give cause of action against him by his client since such duty to the client applies to any profession be that of a doctor, solocitor or an […]

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