Miscellaneous Insurance & Survey

INDUSTRIAL RISKS: Market agreement for Public Liability insurance has been effective from 1.1.88. This agreement applies to Industrial and storage risks such as godowns, depots tankfarms etc. with aggregate limits of any year during the policy upto Rs. 13 crores within Geographical limits of india. Any proposal other than above has to be submitted to […]

OBJECTIVE The objective of the policy is to provide economic relief to the owner/driver/passenger (s)/ third party victims as a result of accidents involving rickshaws operating through out the length and breadth of the country either for private transport or for public transport. PERILS COVERED SECTION-1 DAMAGE TO CYCLE RICKSHAW Accidental means (the term accident […]

SALIENT FEATURES: The policy is in the form of a proposal-cum-schedule. The proposer must complete the details and sign the declaration also. It has ten sections. The insured must take section-1 (Fire and Burglary/House Breaking risk for contents) and Section VI (Public Liability and Employers Liability) because these two sections are compulsory. Section Discounts are […]

INTRODUCITON: This business is not to be transacted freely. Only where there is a connection involved this policy can be issued. Prior approval however, should be obtained from Regional Office for each and every proposal. BUSINESS: Traditional Agency Commission – 5% RATE: All Risks of loss of or damage to the guns 1.15% Premium to […]

INTRODUCTION: This policy is intended to cover Pedal Cycle (Private Cycles as well as Trade Cycles) against perils given below. INSURD PERILS SECTION-I: Insured’s legal liability to: Bodily injury to any person (other than a member of Insured family or a person in the insured’s service or being conveyed on the Pedal Cycle insured). Damage […]

INTRODUCTION: This policy is a composite package Insurance Policy devised to meet the requirement of a Householder to cover their property or contents against the peril of Fire, Burglary & House-breaking. Theft, Accidental breakage and Break-down etc. The policy schedule contains 10 Sections out of which Section I(B) is compulsory. In addition to Section I(B), […]

Scope of Cover: The Clause ‘BG’ covers personal accompanied baggage of the insured and/or his family members travelling with him against the risks of their baggage being lost, destroyed or damaged by Accident, Fire or Theft. Indemnity will be to the extent of the intrinsic value of the property so lost or destroyed with option […]

This class of insurance provides a very wide form of cover for jewellery and Valuables. Scope of Cover: The insurance covers the property described in the schedule against loss or damage by any accident or misfortune arising from fortuitous circumstances anywhere within the geographical limits stated in the schedule. The company will pay or make […]

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