In case of godowns containing baled raw jute, an aggravating factor is the burning characteristic of the material. Godown fires are most stubborn and difficult to extinguish. When an outbreak occurs in a jute godown, fire spreads over the surface of the bales with great rapidity, at the same time working its may between the […]

Jute fibre is extensively used for the manufacture of sacking, bagging and tarpaulins. It is also used for making of rope, twine, carpet backing cloth, linoleum and artificial leathers. Carpet backing cloths were mainly consumed in the foreign markets. Jute cuttings are also used as one of the raw materials for paper making. It is […]

HISTORY The first power driven mill for spinning jute yarn in our country was erected by a Mr. George Acland in 1855 at Rishra on the bank of River Hoogly about twelve miles from Calcutta. At first it consisted of only 48 spindles but was increased soon afterwards to give an output of 8 tons […]