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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1 How does credit insurance work as a sales product? Ans. Credit insurance may enable you to sell more goods on credit terms while substantially reducing the overall risk of exposure to non-payment. With the information and backing of the credit insurance. You can take advantage of peak and cyclical selling periods and safely expand [&hellip...
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  • Why Business Credit Shield?

    Like any form of insurance, the business Credit Shield is purchased to avoid a large loss that could impair the performance of your company. Despite a company’s best efforts, large or catastrophic losses occur from: One large long-term buyer unexpectedly failing A significant change in the market or economy, where a number of buyers become [&hellip...
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  • What is The Business Credit Shield?

    The Business Credit Shield provides your business with protection against failure of your customers to pay their debts. It is also a risk management tool that can provide concrete solution for the trade expansion issues you are considering. This Policy introduces a path-breaking concept into the field if insurance – the concept of joint credit [&hellip...
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  • Business Credit Shield

    INTRODUCTION Your sights are firmly set on steering your business in the right direction, getting new contracts under your belt, achieving growth and increasing profits. The continuous expansion of world trade demands that your business must be increasingly competitive, notwithstanding a steady stream of economic and political difficulties. Prospects for increasing business can be significant, [&hellip...
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