The Business Credit Shield provides your business with protection against failure of your customers to pay their debts. It is also a risk management tool that can provide concrete solution for the trade expansion issues you are considering.

This Policy introduces a path-breaking concept into the field if insurance – the concept of joint credit management. It is much more than an insurance cover. It sets in motion an ongoing process of partnership between you and the Insurer. The burden of managing the receivables is shared between the insurer and the insured. With the help of an extensive information database and its wide network, the insurer keeps a close watch on the financial position and payment habits of the insured’s buyers on a continuous basis. Early warning signs of financial problems are detected so that the insured can withdraw its involvement in a phased and structured manner.

Thus, while in other insurance policies, contact between insurer and insured is only at the time of issue of policy and payment of a claim, a credit insurer is constantly by the side of the insured, monitoring the financial health of his buyer, advising him on safe limits of exposures and warning him of impending insolvencies and probable defaults.

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