“Ryan Recorder”

The Ryan Recorder is enclosed in the confinement of the container or trailer and will record on a chart the temperature exposures of the cargo during the entire transit period.

“Tip and Tell” or “Tilt Watch”

The Tip and Tell, or Tilt watch is affixed both to the cargo as well as external packaging. The devices will record if the case or carton has substantially tilted out of its vertical, or fallen on its side.

“G- Meter” or Shock Watch”

The G- Meter, or shock watch, is affixed both to the cargo as well as the external packaging. The device is generally set for 5, 10, 20 or 25 G’s and will record if cargo has been exposed to excessive shock, or impact exceeding on charts.

“Desiccant”, “Container dry”, Cement, “Absormatic”

All four products are hygroscopic and used to control the relatives humidity within the confinement of packaging or containers. Desiccant is usually used in the “high-tech” and electronics industry, as this product is clean and dusts free. The product is, however, know to be expensive and a less expensive product, but also dust free, is “Container Dry” or Absormatic Cement is the least expensive product, but does create and is therefore only used in containerized shipments of steel, canned goods or large machinery.


“Specter” is an instrument which records time and date a container or trailer is broken into and possibly robbed. The unit is installed inside the ocean container or trailer and is activated by a photoelectric cell.

“Fas Trak”

The “FasTrak” system basically consists of two units. One unit being a small chip or tag, which is attached to individual items or its packaging. The tag can be programmed with information such as serial numbers, model numbers, etc. a pallet load or container load of “tagged” cargo can now be electronically inventoried with the aid of an “interrogator” (reader), which is basically a transponder transmitting a signal to the tag and the tag will thereon respond and identity itself.

Inventory of a pallet load or container load can now be made within a few seconds with the aid of the interrogator at any randomly selected time. During the cargo transit, desired times of inventory would be each time the cargo “changes hands”. Within seconds the inventory can be confirmed and it is obvious if items are found to be missing, it is immediately known during which stage of the transit period the shortage occurred.

“Omni Sealock System”

This is a seal and lock system protecting the seal and door handle of the vertical locking bar of a container or trailer.


This is a instant Vehicle Location system, which can provide the location of a trailer or container within 150 feet. The location system is presently in use in various major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and is being expanded throughout the U.S.

There is also a GPS satellite tracking system on the market, which system can track/locate a trailer or container at any stage in transit worldwide.
It should be noted that the aforementioned devices combat cargo damages and losses, however, one should realize they are a deterrent only and all other preventive measures known should be taken to minimize these losses is presently working with a High Tech Company in the possible development of a world wide tracking device, which device not only will transmit the ,location of the cargo, but will also transmit the various conditions of the cargo while the shipment is in transit.

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