Road Accidents

India is the world’s largest democratic republic. With the advancement of Transport Systems, countries are identified on the basis of their “Roads”. India has difficult road and traffic conditions. In this part of the world, “Roads” are not meant to commute from here to there, but the road themselves run from here to there. Conditions […]

Statistics recently released by the National Crime Records Bureau, reveals that almost 41,000 people in the 15-29 age groups lost their lives in India in road accidents in 2010. Deaths in the 30-44 age groups were higher at 47,000. This death rate reveals two things: one the youth love to speed and they form a […]

Road related accidents cost India millions every year, but there is no sign of any possible intervention. To despair, there is no available record of precisely how much developmental money is lost due to road related accidents, and how much compensation is paid to road accident victims. Highways lack some sort of preliminary road safety […]

According to the report released in the second week of May 2011 by the Road transport and Highway Ministry, on road accidents, 62 percent of road accidents are reported from rural areas of India. The report showed that rural areas had more fatalities than urban ones in 2009. Even in 2008, rural areas had a […]

Road accidents are an outcome of the interplay of various factors, some of which are the length of road network, vehicle population, human population and adherence/enforcement of road safety regulations, etc. Higher exposure to road accidents’ risk may be mitigated by behavioral standards, by adhering to road safety regulations and policy interventions. There are many […]

Road safety is an issue of national concern, considering its magnitude and gravity and the consequent negative impacts on the economy, public health and the general welfare of the people. Today, Road Traffic Injuries are one of the leading causes of deaths, disabilities and hospitalizations, with severe socioeconomic costs, across the world. World health Statistics […]

The loss to the Indian economy due to fatalities and accident injuries estimated at 3% of GDP in 1999-2000, is particularly severe as 53.1% of road accident victims were in the age group of 25 to 65 years in 2010, with pedestrians, bicyclists and two-wheelers, who comprise the most unprotected road users, accounting for around […]

Every hour, 40 people under the age of 25 die in road accidents around the globe. According to the WHO, this is the second most important cause of death for 5 to 29 year olds. In India alone, the death toll rose to 14 per hour in 2009 as opposed to 13 the previous year. […]

India has the highest road traffic accident rate worldwide with over 140,000 deaths annually, beating even China. Every hour, nearly 14 lives are lost due to road accidents in India. More than 40% of the deaths are caused by trucks and two-wheelers. Most accidents occur in the afternoons and during peak hours (especially in the […]

India holds the dubious distinction of registering the highest number of road accidents in the world. According to the experts at the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NTPRC), the number of road accidents in India is three times higher than that prevailing in developed countries. The number of accidents for 1000 vehicles in India […]

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