Fire Department

1. INTRODUCTION : During the past decades, Crude oil (Petroleum) has been an essential factor for prosperity in human life. Since it is in short supply and expensive, the same is very much in the lime-light all throughout the world. 2. HISTORY : Petroleum was formed million years age from organic matter of marine deposits. […]

I. ACCOMMODATION AND LIMITATION OF STOCK 1. In view of the high calorific value of rubber and the difficulty of fighting a rubber fire it is desirable that the storage should be confined to : (i) Single storey buildings in which no other goods are stored; (ii) Multi-storey buildings of fire resisting construction in which […]

At all stages from the raw material to the finished article rubber will burn. it hardens and cracks at low temperature, becomes tackly at moderate heat and degenerates into a gum substance around 90*C, and in the process gives off fumes and smoke which considerably hamper fire fighting operations. Rubber is easily damaged by heat […]

Rubber is the name given to elastic, high – molecular compounds capable of changing their shape (deforming) when acted upon by an external force of rapidly resuming their orginal shape when the force is removed. The elastic properties of rubber are due to the fact that the linear macromolecules of the material which normally are […]

With the general knowledge of the processes involved in the manufacture of tea appreciation of the fire hazards becomes a simpler task, but the variation between factory and factory, as well as between district and district, is so considerable that the underwriter must know not only details of construction and external hazards, but must also […]

INTRODUCTION Tea is an immemorial crop originally grown and manufactured by peasants in a very primitive manner. Mechanical means of cultivation, the use of fertilisers and power driven machinery in factories of modern design have revolutionised in many respects the primitive technique. But the care of the individual bush and the harvesting of the crop […]

Majority of fire accidents occur as a result of carelessness and elimination of carelessness is a major problem. The problems can be best avoided by in-depth study and understanding of the manufacturing process and the environment. Hazards in Cotton Industry start right from the inception, i.e. from cotton in its fully compressed form (bales) and […]

The Cotton Textile Industry is essentially a conversion industry i.e. unlike in other industries, raw material does not undergo fundamental change in basic manner but here the raw material exists in the same form but undergoes a structural change only. Thus cotton or synthetic staple fibre is stretched into yarn and then woven into cloth. […]

1. COTTON – GENERAL INFORMATION : Even when civilization was not advanced to the present stage, man knew the art of spinning and weaving have remained unchanged, new techniques and continued refinements have led to the development of a world-wide industry with the application of powered machinery to the basic processes during the 19th and […]