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November 26, 2013 NON MOTOR 0 Comment

The policy known as deterioration of stock insurance or stock spoilage insurance is a form of consequential loss cover granted in the engineering department for stocks contained in large cold stores. The cover is against the risk of deterioration and contamination following breakdown of the refrigeration plant machinery. In Indian market it is customary to […]

From time immoral the human efforts have always been aimed at utilizing all available resources to de more and more work. Man invented a number of machines to convert the energy available form natural resources into mechanical work for useful purpose. Energy available in nature can be form a large of source the major ones […]

The most important point to remember is that it is the duty of the insured to observed good faith towards the insurers when an insured to observed perils operates as also during the currency of the policy. It is to be appreciated that it is not mere occurrence of the perils insured but the suffering […]

The general of the general law contract discussed in the previous lesson the contract of fire insurance is also subject to certain special principles evolved under common law through judgments given by English courts during the last 200 years. 1) Utmost good faith 2) Insurable interest 3) Indemnity subrogation and condition Some of these common […]

For the transaction of motor business in India in accordance with the provisions of part II-b of the insurance act 1938, the tariff advisory committee have . insures may restrict the cover under the standard B policy form without reduction in premium or they may increase the premium for the same or restricted cover without […]

this class of business is governed by a market agreement which applies to non industrial risks such as:- 1) hotels , motels, club houses, restaurants , boarding and lodging houses, flight kitchens 2) residential premises 3) exhibitions, fairs and fetes, stadia 4) permanent amusement parks 5) deposits, warehouses, god owns, shops, tank farms and similar […]

losses have to be settled within the framework of the insurance contact, taking into account its terms an conditions, its limitations and restrictions, insurers observe good faith and ensure that restrictions , insurers observe good faith and ensure that as far as possible losses are settled according to the spirit of the insurance contract rather […]